Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exam Fever


I noticed that this new generation of parents are being too concerned on their children's taking exams. Some are being "very supportive" and willingly take few days off from work just to be there watching their boys/girls sitting for the exams. For them maybe if their off springs failed, it will reflect on the failure of the parents.

What's going on in our society nowadays? Is it all what Allah has created us for? To get as many As as possible to be the benchmark? What about those who are not fortunate enough who can only manage to get few Bs and Cs in the exam slip, would we consider them as loosers in this digital era? We are all aware that the exam results at national level never showed negative growth in term of grades - not even once as I remembered. Does that mean that children of today have always been "better" than children of yesterday? And children of tomorrow will definitely be better than children of today (if we make a projection from the historical graph)? Look at all the headlines in our newspapers, with all the social ills that we are facing.

Tution seems like a must now. I brave the tide by not even giving my 2nd child a single hour of paid tution last year, other than extra classes provided by the teachers in school. Alhamdulillah, she could still get good results. What that can prove is that some students may be need extra efffort to get good results, but that may still be subject to what has been written in our destiny. We must accept the fact that no matter how much we spent, and how hard we worked, there will always be someone who will get stright As or straight Cs. That what makes up a society. Someone will become doctors or lawyers, and some will also have to take up responsibilities as gardeners, delivery boys or as technicians.

Allah created us to be His obedient servants without committing any form of syirk in our worship to Him. Regardless of whether we are a King, or just a cleaner. Even if we are high up in status, we shall never forget that without those below us, a society cannot be functioning well. Too much pride in ourselves may throw us into the hellfire. Remember that Iblees was thrown out from jannah not because he lack in ibaadah, but due to his arrogance, thinking that he was better creation than Adam, and not willing to sujud to Adam when asked by Allah. Wallahu A'lam.  

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  1. agreed with your entry..always believe that sustenance, health and death came from Allah SWT.